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What Is Sauvignon Blanc?

Sauvignon Blanc is a white wine known for its crisp, acidic flavor profile. With origins in France’s famous Bordeaux wine region, this classic wine is produced and enjoyed by wine enthusiasts everywhere. 

What Grapes Is Sauvignon Blanc Made From?

Fresh Sauvignon Blanc is made from grapes of the same name. Sauvignon Blanc grapes are small, thick-skinned, and green, prized for their adaptability and intense fruitiness.

How Is Sauvignon Blanc Made?

Sauvignon Blanc production starts with a grape harvest. Depending upon the vintner, the grapes are either skinned or mashed together with skins, stems, and seeds. The mash is then fermented, and aged, typically in stainless steel tanks (though some varieties of Sauv Blanc are oak-aged). 

How Many Calories Are In Merlot Wine? 

There are around 120 calories in a single serving of Sauvignon Blanc wine. 

What Are The Different Types Of Sauvignon Blanc?

While there aren’t any official subtypes of this varietal, Sauvignon Blanc can be sorted into distinct flavor profiles. 

Steel-agedSauvignon Blanc, aged in steel vats, displays a crisp, refreshing, and fruity finish. 

Oak-agedWine aged in oak barrels picks up creamy notes of vanilla and caramel, making for a more indulgent sip.

What Are The Flavor Notes Of Sauvignon Blanc? 

While the final flavor profile of each bottle varies, Sauvignon Blanc tends to boast fresh, crisp, and fruit-forward tasting notes. Think apple, fresh-cut grass, and green bell pepper.

How Is Sauvignon Blanc Different From Other White Wines? 

In its classic, un-oaked form, Sauvignon Blanc wine carries a few characteristics that set it apart.

BouquetSauvignon Blanc is easily identified by its zingy, green aroma.

AcidityHigh acidity levels in Sauvignon Blanc grapes translate to a refreshing, tangy finish. 

AgeMost Sauvignon Blanc wines are bottled and consumed “young,” sought after for their freshness.

What Pairs Well With Sauvignon Blanc? 

Seafood, goat cheese, well-seasoned veggie dishes, and white meat all pair perfectly with Sauvignon Blanc. You can even inject a bit of richness into the mix, as refreshing Sauv blanc will cut nicely through any decadence.

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