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Canned Cocktails From Barbank

Long Island iced tea, mai tai, and Palomas, oh my! Barbank’s selection of canned cocktails contains all your favorite flavors in a super convenient, portable form. We also carry a wide variety of hard seltzers. Complete any camping trip or house party with the perfect finishing touch, delivered right to your door by Barbank.

What Are Canned Cocktails?

Canned cocktails are pre-made, pre-mixed cocktails made with genuine premium spirits (as opposed to malt liquor) like vodka, tequila, whiskey, bourbon, and other spirits that are combined with natural flavor and fresh ingredients like juices. Barbank’s selection of premium canned cocktails runs the gamut from fresh tequila drinks to indulgent bourbon cocktails.

Enjoy a ready-to-drink canned Margarita with orange liqueur, tequila, real lime juice, and sparkling water or hard seltzer flavored with blood orange, fresh lime juice, and other citrus flavors to satisfy your taste buds.

How Many Calories Are In Canned Cocktails? 

The calories in a canned cocktail vary widely depending on the ingredients, though you can expect a canned cocktail to come in somewhere between 200 and 550 calories. Hard seltzers are a great low-calorie alternative and hover around 100 calories per serving. 

How Much Sugar Is In Canned Cocktails? 

The amount of sugar in a canned cocktail differs from drink to drink. Barbank carries low-sugar options, like Cutwater Spirits zero-sugar canned Ranch Water, to cater to customers who are watching their sugar intake.

What Are The Top Canned Cocktail Brands? 

Barbank’s selection of canned cocktails and hard seltzers includes all the brands you’re searching for—shop refreshing, ready-to-drink options from Hornitos, White Claw, Crown Royal, Cutwater, Villager Spirits, Juneshine, Jim Beam, Happy Dad, and more.

How To Best Enjoy Canned Cocktails

Convenient and refreshing, canned cocktails bring flavor, fun, and festive vibes to countless occasions. Searching for inspiration? Here are some of our favorite ways to enjoy them.

Camping – Carry some fun in your backpack next time you go camping—there’s nothing like a happy hour after a long hike.

At a dinner party – Canned cocktails make a great host gift, particularly when you bring a variety.

Poolside – Enjoy a refreshing poolside tiki drink just by popping open a can from the cooler. 

All the time! – Sometimes a delicious cocktail is in order but you don’t have the energy to mix a drink. Now, all you’ll have to do is pop open the fridge.

Why Buy Canned Cocktails Online?

Keep the convenience train rolling—hard seltzer delivery and canned cocktail delivery from Barbank come with a whole host of benefits. 

Unparalleled ease and convenience

A huge selection to choose from

Fast, flat-rate shipping

Exclusive discounts and bundles

Hard Seltzer Delivery With Barbank

Scroll, browse, and select your drinks

Visit Barbank’s online store from the comfort of your own home (or hotel, or friend’s house, or vacation rental). Select as many incredible products as you want—shipping is a flat fifteen dollars, guaranteed.

Send your order in with a few clicks

Enter your information, and send in your order. It’s as easy as checking your email.

Sit back, relax, and sign for your order

Forget about lugging around heavy boxes of bottles and cans. We’ll send you regular updates as your order makes its way to you—all you have to do is sign for it, and enjoy.