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The Best Chardonnay Wine From Barbank

Why should you shop Chardonnay online at Barbank? It’s simple—to order the best Chardonnay brands, from Altos to Zolo, and have them shipped (flat-rate) directly to your door and palate. 

What Is Chardonnay?

Chardonnay is a type of white wine that originated in the Burgundy region of France. With fruity, floral, and oaky flavors, Chardonnay is a versatile and perenially popular wine, produced and enjoyed around the world. 

What Grapes Is Chardonnay Made From?

Chardonnay wine is made from the Chardonnay grape, a characteristically hardy, adaptable, and neutrally flavored varietal that’s an ideal base for winemaking. 

How Is Chardonnay Made?

Though each winemaker has their own techniques, the basic steps of Chardonnay production are fairly universal. First, the grapes are harvested, mashed, and fermented (some Chardonnay makers leave the grape skins on, and some don’t). The Chardonnay is then aged either in oak barrels or stainless steel casks. Finally, the wine is bottled, shipped, and sold. 

How Many Calories Are In Chardonnay? 

The average serving of Chardonnay contains somewhere in the range of 120-150 calories, depending upon the style. 

How Much Sugar Is In Chardonnay? 

Some dry Chardonnays contain virtually no sugar, and some sweeter varieties can contain up to a few grams per serving. If you’re watching your sugar intake, it’s best to search for a “dry” bottle.

What Are The Flavor Notes Of Chardonnay? 

Un-oaked Chardonnay tends towards crisp, fruit-forward, citrusy flavor palettes, while oaked Chardonnays often trend warmer, with tasting notes of woodsmoke, vanilla, and caramel. 

How Is Chardonnay Different From Other White Wines? 

Chardonnay is a unique and versatile variety of white wine, imbued with a few qualities that set it apart.

Characteristically adaptable, the Chardonnay grapes takes on distinct regional flavors.

Chardonnay is regularly produced un-oaked and oak-aged, while most other white wines stick to one style. 

Chardonnay can be rich and buttery, perfect for wine enthusiasts who enjoy fuller-bodied wines.

What Pairs Well With Chardonnay? 

Toast a glass of Chardonnay with white sauce and pesto pasta, seafood and poultry, mild and nutty cheeses like brie and manchego, and fresh, vegetable-forward dishes. 

What Are The Top Premium Chardonnay Brands? 

We’ve got all the best Chardonnay wine in stock—explore bottles from Prophecy, Menage a Trois, Kendall Jackson, Collier Creek, Bonterra, Bread & Butter, and more. 

Why Buy Chardonnay Online?

Whether you’re searching for white blend wines or rosé wine brands, Barbank raises the bar. From the best Pinot Grigio to the best Sauvignon blanc, Barbank is home to all the best white wine.

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