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Moonshine Liquor From Barbank

Moonshine is a lot like lightning in a bottle—put a little zap in your next drink when you buy moonshine online at Barbank. 

How Is Moonshine Made?

Moonshine liquor is an unaged grain alcohol renowned for its potency. It’s made from fermented grain mix and distilled to a high ABV. Moonshine is typically flavored with added ingredients, like pieces of fruit, or even pickles, which are sometimes even included in the final product. 

How is Moonshine Liquor Different From Other Alcohol? 

Moonshine is a unique and treasured American tradition. 

HistoricalMoonshine was born in home stills in 18th century America, then popularized across the country during Prohibition.

High-proofMoonshine ranges in potency from 40 to 128 proof.

Crystal-clearPure moonshine is 100% clear.

What mixes well with moonshine? 

Moonshine is the perfect base for a truly boozy punch bowl—you can combine it with all sorts of sodas, fruit juices, and syrups to great effect. 

What Are Some Popular Drinks You Can Make With Moonshine? 

Explore iconically American flavors with this heady batch of moonshine cocktails.

Moonshine and Sweet TeaMix a pour of moonshine with a pour and a half of your favorite sweet tea. Add a splash of lemon juice and simple syrup to taste, and set in for a relaxing evening on the porch. 

Apple Pie in the SkyEqual parts moonshine and apple cider meet a touch of cinnamon syrup and a dash of lemon juice in a cocktail shaker, and suddenly you’re sipping the liquid version of Grandma’s apple pie (with a spirited kick, of course). 

LemonshinePour a serving of moonshine into a highball glass full of crushed ice, then fill to the top with your favorite lemonade. Top it off with a bit of soda water and a lemon wedge. 

How Many Calories Is In Moonshine? 

Pure, unflavored moonshine averages around 100 calories per serving. Depending upon the proof and the flavor, moonshine may contain more calories. 

Why Shop For Moonshine Liquor Online?

It’s a whole lot easier than setting up a bathtub distillery.

Huge selection of flavors

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Exclusive deals

Fifteen-dollar flat-rate shipping

How To Order Moonshine Online With Barbank

Choose your brewsBrowsing shelves at the liquor store has never been easier—you can even do it from the couch. 

Order with easeEnter your info with just a few, secure clicks, and we’ll keep you updated as your order processes and ships. 

Answer the doorWe’ll deliver right to your doorstep—all you have to do is sign.