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Browse our wide selection of fine spirits online and gain easy access to all your favorite brands, right at your fingertips. From beloved standbys like Tito’s Vodka , Maker’s Mark Bourbon , and Tanqueray Gin to premium liquor from distillers like Azul, Macallan, and Remy Martin, Barbank’s stocked with the distilled spirits you’re searching for. Ready to craft the perfect cocktail? Barbank has your back. Find your perfect bottle today.

Why Shop For Spirits Online?

Unparalleled convenience

Never lug a heavy box home from the liquor store again. When you order spirits online, you shop from the comfort of your own home (or office, coffee shop, or vacation rental). 

Exclusive deals

Shopping with Barbank gives you access to exclusive deals and discounts on all your favorite limited edition and premium spirits.

Incredible selection

Bundled bottles according to brand or flavor profile, rare, limited edition, and exclusive alcohols, and all your favorite liquor cabinet stapes—find whatever you’re looking for (and more) at Barbank.

What Are Premium Spirits?

What’s the difference between premium spirits, well liquor and call liquor? 

Well Liquor 

Well liquor gets its name from the bartender’s well, the easy-to-access rail beneath the bar that keeps quick-pour bottles of alcohol close at hand. The well contains at least one of each common type of spirit—whiskey, tequila, vodka, rum, and gin. Typically, well liquor is the bottom of the barrel, most affordable pour at the bar, and may be generically branded. Ultimately, it's up to personal preferences whether your taste buds prefer well liquor or something more premium.

Call Liquor 

Call liquor is the kind of liquor that bar patrons ask for by name. It’s associated with a specific brand, and typically has a unique taste or finish that makes it more desirable than well liquor. Call liquor isn’t necessarily more expensive than well liquor—it’s just more specific. If you want spiced rum, and the well is stocked with white rum, you probably won’t be happy with your drink unless you order with a call, “A Captain Morgan rum and coke, please!”

Premium Spirits 

Also known as top-shelf spirits, premium spirits are what you might reach for on a celebratory night out. These refined spirits are made with higher quality ingredients by master distillers, distilled and aged with specific techniques, and priced higher to reflect the special craftsmanship that goes into creating them.

What mixes well with premium spirits? 

A successful cocktail calls for more than a shot or two of your favorite spirit. Bitters, juices, sodas, and seltzers can all play an essential role in crafting a tempting tipple. Here’s a basic guide to pairing mixed drinks and spirits.


Shaking up a sour, gimlet, or cosmopolitan? Lemon, lime, orange, and grapefruit juice complete countless different cocktails—and pair well with every spirit in the book. 


Create a Cape Codder with cranberry juice, make a bloody mary with tomato juice, or take a tour of Tiki-inspired old favorites with pineapple and coconut.

Tonic and seltzer water

Bring on the bubbles—tonic water, seltzer, and club soda are prerequisites for any well-stocked bar. After all, what’s a warm-weather happy hour without a classic G&T?


You’ll want to keep ginger ale, cola, ginger beer, and lemon-lime soda on hand to create classically crafted cocktails like the rum and coke, the gin and ginger, and the 7 and 7.

Syrup and bitters

The sweetest thing about cocktail essentials like simple syrup and Angostura bitters? A little goes a long way—and makes a major impact. Whether you’re after an old-fashioned or a spicy margarita, find the essential liqueurs and sweeteners at Barbank.

What Are Some Popular Drinks You Can Make With Premium Spirits? 

There are countless crafted cocktails you can make with premium distilled spirits. Here are a few options to whet your whistle.

Manhattan – Rye, vermouth, bitters, and cherries combine in this classic, classy cocktail.

Cosmopolitan – Vodka, Cointreau, cranberry juice, and lime make for a delicious shaken drink.

Gin and tonic – Tonic water and lime bring out the subtle herbal flavors of your chosen gin.

Whiskey highball – Balance a complex whiskey with a serving of bubbly soda water and lemon.

How Many Calories Are In Premium Liquor? 

A one-and-a-half-ounce pour of spirits tends to hover around 100 calories. Liqueurs are slightly more caloric, with around 150 calories per serving. 

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