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Rare Japanese Whisky from Barbank

Rare Japanese malt whisky can be difficult to source on this side of the ocean. Luckily, Barbank’s selection of premium Japanese whisky rises to the occasion. Shop brands like Kamiki, Toki, Nikka, and Suntory—they’re all at your fingertips when you buy Japanese whisky online at Barbank

What Is Rare Japanese whisky?

Japanese whisky is exactly what it sounds like—whisky from Japan. Japanese distilleries have been making top-notch, premium single malt and blended whisky since the late 1800s. Japanese whisky is spelled the same way as Scotch whisky, since early Japanese whisky distillers based their processes directly on the Scottish tradition (and some, like Masataka Taketsuru, even traveled to Scotland to study it in person).

Where Does Japanese Whiskey Come From?

Japanese whisky comes from—you guessed it—Japan. It’s a prized commodity, even within the country itself. There are relatively few whisky distilleries, and Japanese whisky must be aged for at least three years to meet regulatory requirements. High-quality product plus limited supply makes for a spirit that’s coveted the world over. 

How Is Premium Japanese Whisky Made?

Japanese whisky is fermented from a grain mash (based on malted barley), distilled, and matured in wood casks for at least three years. Most of the aging casks are made of oak, but some Japanese distillers age their whisky in local woods, like sakura. The water and weather conditions in Japan have a huge effect on the taste and finish of the whisky, creating a spirit that’s simply divine.

How Many Calories Are In Japanese whisky? 

Japanese whisky contains about 100-150 calories per 1.5-ounce serving. 

How Much Sugar Is In Japanese whisky? 

The fermentation process guarantees that Japanese whisky contains practically zero sugar.

What Are The Different Types of Japanese Whisky? 

The types of Japanese whisky fall along distillery lines—each of the following Japanese distilleries has a unique style and flavor profile. 





Fuji Gotemba


Shinsu Mars

White Oak




What Is The Difference Between Regular Whiskey and Japanese Whisky?

Japanese whisky, first and foremost, is made exclusively in Japan. Here are a few more key hallmarks of premium Japanese whisky.

The grain mash

Japanese grain mash is based chiefly on malted barley, though it includes other grains as well.

Environmental conditions

The natural landscape of Japan has a massive effect on the taste of its whiskies, especially because of the water used and the aging conditions.

Japanese requirements

Japanese whisky makers follow specific regulations (like aging for at least three years in oak casks).

What Are The Top Premium Japanese Whisky Brands? 

Nikka, Suntory, Toki, and Kamiki are all considered some of the best Japanese whisky brands.

What Mixes Well With Japanese Whisky? 

Japanese whisky goes great with all the classic whiskey mixers, including ginger beer, ginger ale, soda water, bitters, sweet vermouth, and cola. 

What Are Some Popular Drinks You Can Make With Premium Japanese Whisky? 

Japanese whisky is fantastic served neat or over ice, as well as mixed into a variety of cocktails.

Whisky Soda

Accentuate the flavors of your favorite Japanese whisky with a splash of refreshing bubbles.

Whisky Sour

This is a classic whiskey cocktail with a splash of citrus and an egg white froth.


Japanese whiskey and ginger ale are a match made in heaven.

Tokyo Mule

Need more ginger than a highball can serve? Switch it with ginger beer and add some lime to mix a Tokyo Mule.

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