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The Best White Wine From Barbank

You’re on a search for incredible white wine—we’ve got good news. With the best sauvignon blanc, the best chardonnay, the best pinot grigio, and of course, a comprehensive selection of white blend wines, Barbank is your trusted source for fine white wine online. 

What Is White Wine?

White wine is an alcoholic beverage made from fermented grape juice. White wines come in a wide variety of flavor profiles and price points depending upon the type of grape used, the provenance of the distinct bottle, and the techniques of the wine-makers. 

What Grapes Are White Wines Made From?

Some of the most popular white wine grape varietals include Chardonnay, Sauvignon blanc, Muscat, and Riesling. 

How Is White Wine Made?

While exact wine-making processes vary from vintner to vintner, the basic steps remain the same. First, the wine grapes are harvested, prepared, mashed, and fermented. The fermentation mash is then strained and aged in wooden barrels or stainless steel casks. 

How Many Calories Are In White Wine? 

The caloric content of a white wine serving varies, but typically falls between 125 and 150 calories. 

How Much Sugar Is In White Wine? 

While the average glass of dry white wine contains around 2 grams of sugar, dessert wine can contain up to 10 grams. 

What Are The Flavor Notes of White Wine? 

White wines display an exciting range of flavors depending on the grape and terroir—citrus, oak, honey, floral, mineral, and fruit notes shine in Barbank white wines.

What Are The Different Types Of White Wines?

The best white wine? It’s the white wine you enjoy drinking. Try a few of each wine type to discover your new favorite. 


Pinot Grigio



Sauvignon blanc

What Pairs Well With White Wine? 

When pairing food with white wine, lighter, fresher options are the best way to satisfy your palate. Seafood, poultry, and pork work well for mains, while crisp salads, mild cheeses, and veggies round out the courses. 

What Are The Top White Wine Brands? 

Explore the best white wine brands and rosé wine brands at Barbank. Browse our digital shelves to discover bottles from Bonterra, Bread & Butter, Claxton Cellars, Joel Gott, Kendall Jackson, La Crema, Prophecy, Rodney Strong, Simi, Gnarly Head, and more.

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