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Fruity, smoky, and rich, premium mezcal is a totally unique sensory experience. Barbank stays well-stocked with all the best mezcal tequila brands, so you can indulge in something extraordinary without ever having to drive to the liquor store. 

What Is Premium Premium Mezcal?

Mezcal, contrary to the popular association, actually isn’t tequila. It’s made from Oaxacan agave (mostly of the Espadín agave variety). The heart of this agave plant is pit-roasted for several days, which lends this unique spirit its characteristic smoky flavor. 

Where Does Premium Mezcal Come From?

Unlike premium tequila, which can only be produced in Jalisco, mezcal can be legally distilled in nine distinct districts of Mexico. Most mezcal, however, comes from Oaxaca, in the southwest of the country. Requiring a great deal of time and labor, mezcal production is a proud tradition passed down through generations of dedicated Mexican farmers and distillers. 

How Is Premium Mezcal Made?

The tequila and mezcal production processes share a number of similarities, from the careful harvesting of the agave plant to aging in an oak barrel. Mezcal alone requires an additional pit-roasting process, wherein the cooked agave liquid takes on a distinct smoky flavor.

How Many Calories Are In Premium Mezcal? 

While the exact measurement will vary depending on the mezcal brand, it generally contains around 95 calories per serving. 

What Are The Flavor Notes of Mezcal? 

The chief flavor that mezcal drinkers seek is, of course, smoke. Mezcal makers balance that strong characteristic taste with notes of fruit, flowers, and earth for a grounded, complex sip.

How Is Mezcal Different From Other Tequilas? 

While mezcal, like tequila, is distilled from agave, it’s technically considered a wholly distinct spirit. Here are a few other qualities that put it in a class of its own. 

Mezcal can be made from multiple kinds of agave and isalways pit-roasted for flavor. 

There are nine official mezcal-making regions of Mexico, while premium tequila can only be produced in Jalisco. 

Mezcal is perfect for sipping neat or on the rocks and makes fantastic, mezcal cocktails. 

What Are The Top Premium Premium Mezcal Brands? 

With a selection featuring beloved brands like Clase Azul, Vamonos, Madre, Xicaru, and Dos Hombres, Barbank is the best place to buy mezcal online. 

What Mixes Well With Premium Mezcal? 

Mezcal pairs perfectly with citrus juices, citrus liqueurs, soda water, and ginger beer.

What Are Some Popular Drinks You Can Make With Premium Premium Mezcal? 

Create a complex take on a classic tequila cocktail or put a Mexican spin on a drink that’s typically made with another spirit. 

Mezcal Margarita

There’s nothing better than lime, salt, orange liquor, and a splash of smoky mezcal. 

Mezcal Old Fashioned

Bitters and orange suit the rich nature of mezcal for a beautifully satisfying finish. 

Mezcal Paloma

The smoky, complex nature of mezcal injects this grapefruit-forward standby with a touch of an unexpected fire. 

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There are plenty of good reasons to drink mezcal, and even more to buy it online at Barbank.

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