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Red Blend Wines From Barbank

Imagine your ideal red wine blend. It may combine the roundness of a Merlot wine with the full body of a Cabernet Sauvignon wine. Or maybe you’d prefer the delicate quality of a Pinot Noir wine, balanced with the bold tasting notes of a Red Zinfandel. The perfect red isn’t a pipe dream—make your fantasy into a reality with the best red blends from Barbank.

What Are Red Blend Wines?

Red blend wines are created by combining different grape varieties for a completely unique finish. Winemakers produce premium red blends to showcase the best qualities of distinct types of grapes, while avoiding potential pitfalls during the cultivation and aging processes. 

What Grapes Are Red Wine Blends Made From?

Each individual red blend is made from a unique combination of black and red grape varieties. There are no official requirements as to what each black and red grape variety should be or its proportion to one another. That’s part of the fun of drinking red blends—they’re thoughtfully crafted by expert winemakers and all wonderfully different.

How Are Red Blend Wines Made?

Red blends follow the same basic production steps as other wines (grape cultivation, harvest and crushing, fermentation, and aging). However, there’s a key difference to note—the different varieties of grapes in a red blend wine can be combined at any stage of the wine-making process. Whether the grapes are grown, harvested and fermented together, or fermented wines are combined in the final bottle, they’re still considered red blends. 

How Many Calories Are In Red Blend Wines? 

Red blends vary widely in composition, though it’s likely that a serving of a red wine blend will typically contain between 70 and 150 calories. 

How Much Sugar Is In Red Blend Wines? 

Most red wines contain around 1 gram of sugar per serving, but it’s always worth it to check the label, especially with variable red blends. Hoping to avoid excess residual sugars? Seek out bottles marked “bone-dry” or “dry.” Looking to indulge a sweet tooth? Try “sweet” or “semi-sweet” varieties. 

What Are The Flavor Notes of Red Blend Wines? 

The tasting notes found in red blends are impossible to summarize, as they vary widely depending upon the grape varietals utilized. This quality makes red blend wines versatile, diverse, and perfect for tasting (and testing your palate).

How Are Red Blend Wines Different From Other Red Wines? 

The chief difference between red blends and monovarietal wines is their characteristic blend of grapes. 

Red blends reflect the unique techniques and growing profiles of the vintners that make them. 

Red blends are always made with multiple varieties of wine grapes. 

What Pairs Well With Red Blend Wines? 

Experimentation is key when pairing red blends with savory foods and desserts. We recommend tasting the individual red blend wine and categorizing its flavors before choosing what to eat it with. Research the grape varietals used in the wine for possible pairing ideas. A bold blend of Red Zinfandel and Cabernet Sauvignon might be the perfect match for a hearty steak dinner, while a light Pinot Noir blend might enliven an afternoon picnic. 

What Are The Top Red Blend Wines Brands? 

When you buy red blends online at Barbank, you can choose from a curated selection of top brands, including 19 Crimes, Alamos, Apothic, Chronic Cellars, Dark Horse, Menage A Trois, Prophecy, and more. 

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