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Searching for the perfect gift? Search no more. Barbank’s liquor gift sets are sure to please even the most discerning recipient. From flavored whiskeys to exclusive tequilas to premium distilled spirits, our liquor bundles are stocked with high-quality bottles worth gifting.

What Kind of Liquor Bundles Can I Get? 

Barbank’s bundles are built around a wide selection of crowd-pleasing alcoholic beverage themes. Pick up matched bottles of First Light coffee whiskey for the caffeine lover in your life or prep for your upcoming party with canned cocktail variety packs. There’s no wrong way to bundle with Barbank.

Brand-specific bundles

Liquor type bundles (vodka, tequila, whiskey, etc.)

Country of origin bundles

Flavored liquor bundles

What Can You Do With Liquor Bundles? 

Liquor gift sets can be catered to all kinds of adult-only occasions.


Alcohol gift sets are crowd-pleaser gifts for just about everyone in your life. You can even break them up and spread the items around, to get a little more bang for your gifting buck.


Alcoholic beverage bundles are perfect prizes for raffles, auctions, trivia nights, and more. 

Party prep

Prepare for your next event by stocking up at Barbank. We’ll deliver your alcohol gift set, distilled spirits, and canned cocktail bundles right to your venue—all you need to do is put them on ice.

Quick stock-ups

Whether you’re moving to a new town and building your home bar from scratch or refreshing your yearly supply, liquor bundles make it easy to stock the shelves fast.

Exclusive deals

Bundled liquors often include exclusive deals or rare bottles that are impossible to find anywhere else—a collector’s dream come true. 

What are the most popular liquors that go well together? 







Flavored whiskey

Organic liquors

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