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Premium Reposado Tequila From Barbank

Picture this—the perfect tequila cocktail, crafted with a tumbler full of liquid gold. Reposado tequila is beloved the world over for its fruity, warm, vanilla flavor and beautiful golden color. Barbank carries all your favorite reposado tequila brands, so you can enjoy a glass of sunshine without ever leaving home. 

What Is Premium Reposado Tequila?

Reposado translates to “rested” and reposado tequila “rests” for a period of two months to a year in an oak barrel. This aging process lends premium reposado tequila its characteristic golden color and flavor notes of vanilla and oak. 

Where Does Premium Reposado Tequila Come From?

All tequila, no matter its classification, comes from Jalisco, Mexico, and is made from the heart of the Blue Weber Agave plant. 

How Is Premium Reposado Tequila Made?

First, specially trained agave farmers called Jimadors cultivate, harvest, and butcher the Blue Weber agave. Once the heart of the plant (the piña) is extracted, it’s roasted and juiced. The roasted agave juice is fermented, then distilled. Finally, the reposado is aged for at least two months in an oak barrel, then bottled and sold. It’s important to note that a tequila aged for more than a year is no longer considered a reposado, but rather an añejo. (Don’t worry, you can shop premium añejo tequila at Barbank, too). 

How Many Calories Are In Premium Reposado Tequila? 

It’s a good idea to double-check caloric information since exact numbers will vary depending on the tequila brand, but you can expect to consume somewhere around 100 calories per serving of tequila. 

What Are The Flavor Notes of Blanco Tequila? 

Reposado is the youngest type of aged tequila, which places its flavor profile directly between fresh, agave-forward blanco tequila brands and more expensive, complex añejo tequilas. The best reposado tequila contains notes of oak, vanilla, fruit, and caramel. 

How Is Blanco Tequila Different From Other Tequilas? 

Aside from its specific “rested” requirements, reposado differs from other tequilas in a couple of key ways.

Reposado is the aged tequila best suited for a tequila cocktail, especially when you’d like to feature woody, decadent flavors.

Reposado is an affordable option for folks who’d like to sample aged tequila without an añejo or extra añejo price tag. 

What Are The Top Premium Reposado Tequila Brands? 

Barbank is home to every top tequila brand—Clase Azul, Casamigos, Octavio, Herradura, Don Julio, and more. There’s no better place to buy reposado tequila online. 

What Mixes Well With Premium Reposado Tequila? 

The best reposado tequila pairs well with light, fruity flavors, and effervescent mixers. Try soda water, citrus juice, ginger beer, orange liquor, or simple syrup for a start.

What Are Some Popular Drinks You Can Make With Premium Premium Reposado Tequila? 

The best cocktails to make with reposado tequila put the spirit centerstage.

Tequila Soda

Easy to pour, refreshing, and chock–full of sweet complexity, you can’t go wrong with a simple reposado soda. 

Tequila Sour

In this spin on the traditional whiskey sour, reposado tequila adds a subtle complexity to bright lime juice and simple syrup.

Tequila Fizz

The Tequila Fizz is an endlessly sippable symphony of citrus, simple syrup, soda water, and reposado. 

Why Buy Teuila Online?

Whether you’re shopping for an everyday reposado or premium cristalino tequila, Barbank is by far the best place to buy it. 

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