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We’re proud to carry a wide variety of genuine American whiskies. From small batch distilleries in Tennessee and Kentucky to big name whiskey giants like Jack Daniels and Four Roses, Barbank’s online storefront is brimming with options. Fill your cart with all the premium American whiskey you’re itching to try—Barbank shipping is always a flat $15 and sure to delight.

What Is American Whiskey?

“American whiskey” is a catch-all category that contains all whiskey made in America. Rye whiskey, Bourbon whiskey, Tennessee whiskey—as long as it’s made on American soil (from American crops), it’s American whiskey. 

Where Does American Whiskey Come From?

No need to overcomplicate things—American whiskey comes from America, plain and simple. You’ll find plenty of distilleries in Kentucky and Tennessee, as well as respectable operations in Pennsylvania and Virginia (the birthplace of American whiskey, as they love to tell you).

How Is American Whiskey Made?

In order to legally be considered “whiskey,” all makers of American whiskey adhere to strict production standards. The base grain mash is fermented and distilled to no more than 80% ABV. If the whiskey is aged (the exception being corn whiskey or moonshine), it must be aged in charred oak barrels.

What Are The Different Types of American Whiskey? 

If you’re a whiskey buff, you’re probably familiar with its different distinctions (like single malt, blended, or single cask). American whiskey has an additional set of types based on what the grain mash is made of. Believe it or not, these distinctions are specified in the federal regulatory code (that’s how seriously we take our whiskey).

Bourbon whiskey (at least 51% corn)

Corn whiskey (at least 80% corn)

Malt whiskey (at least 51% malted barley)

Rye whiskey (at least 51% rye)

Wheat whiskey (at least 51% wheat)

What Are The Top Rare American Whiskey Brands? 

Angel’s Envy, Basil Hayden, Jack Daniels, Four Roses, High West, Bulleit, Sagamore Spirit, Buffalo Trace, Eagle Rare Bourbon, Wild Turkey, Knob Creek—all these and more are considered premium American whiskey.

What Mixes Well With Rare American Whiskey? 

American whiskey pairs perfectly with a variety of mixers including, ginger ale, ginger beer, cola, soda water, citrus juice, sweet vermouth, and bitters.

What Are Some Popular Drinks You Can Make With Rare American Whiskey? 

An incredible whiskey cocktail is a great American tradition. Here are a few cocktail recipes to whet your whiskey whistle.

Whiskey Sour

Citrus, simple syrup, Bourbon, and egg white are the magical ingredients in this world famous cocktail.

Whiskey Soda

A simple serving of soda water brings a bit of effervescence to your favorite whiskey.

Old Fashioned

Truly a classic, the old fashioned is composed of sugar, citrus, bitters, and whiskey.


Subtly sweet and deliciously indulgent, make a Manhattan with whiskey, bitters, vermouth, and a brandied cherry garnish.

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