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Bulleit Whiskey

Bulleit Whiskey - The Premium Whiskey with a High-Rye Mash Bill

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When it comes to bourbon, few brands can match the bold and flavorful taste of Bulleit Bourbon. Made from a high-rye mash bill and aged for a minimum of six years in charred oak barrels, Bulleit Bourbon is a whiskey that stands out from the crowd.

But what makes Bulleit Bourbon so special and how is it made? The history of Bulleit Bourbon dates back to the 1830s, when Augustus Bulleit began experimenting with different mash bills and aging techniques in an effort to create a unique and flavorful bourbon. His efforts paid off, and in the late 1800s, Bulleit Bourbon was gaining a reputation as one of the best bourbons in the country. However, production of the whiskey was halted in the early 1900s, and it wasn't until the late 20th century that the brand was revived by Augustus' great-great-grandson, Tom Bulleit. Today, Bulleit Bourbon is produced by Diageo, one of the largest spirits companies in the world.