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Rich, mature, complex, and delicious, premium añejo tequila is undoubtedly the crown jewel of the tequila family of spirits. When you buy añejo tequila online at Barbank, you access all the best-loved añejo tequila brands, from 818 to Grand Mayan

What Is Premium Anejo Tequila?

In order to qualify for its moniker, añejo tequila must be aged in an oak barrel for one to three years. Aside from this distinction, it holds all the same distinctions as other types of tequila, from its location of origin (Jalisco, Mexico) to its central ingredient (Blue Weber agave).

Where Does Premium Anejo Tequila Come From?

Like blanco tequila and premium reposado tequila, añejo tequila is produced solely and entirely in Jalisco, Mexico.

How Is Premium Anejo Tequila Made?

Añejo tequila is made using the same process as other types of tequilas, First, Jimadors cultivate, harvest, butcher, roast, and juice Blue Weber agave plants. The roasted agave juice is then fermented, distilled, and aged. Añejo must be aged in an oak barrel for one to three years, a process that lends it a smooth, oaky, and complex flavor. 

How Many Calories Are In Premium Anejo Tequila? 

Like other tequilas, a single serving of añejo tequila contains around 100 calories (though the exact measurement varies by tequila brand). 

What Are The Flavor Notes of Premium Anejo Tequila? 

Añejo is prized for the rich flavor palate it takes on during the aging process. With tasting notes of oak and vanilla, along with complex earthy flavors and a base of fruity agave, a serving of añejo makes for an intriguing, satisfying sip. 

How Is Premium Anejo Tequila Different From Other Tequilas? 

Añejo’s chief distinctions lie in its aging requirements and price.

Añejo tequila, as we’ve mentioned above, has a requisite aging period of one to three years. 

Because of the extra time and labor involved in this aged tequila, a bottle of añejo will typically cost more than blanco or reposado varieties, especially extra añejo tequila.. 

What Are The Top Premium Anejo Tequila Brands? 

Barbank’s selection of premium añejo tequila includes bottles from brands like Adictivo, Camarena, Casamigos, Espolon, Herradura, and more. 

What Mixes Well With Premium Anejo Tequila? 

Due to its complexity and price, añejo tequila is typically enjoyed neat or on the rocks. If you’re eager for a mixer, go for something complementary and subtle like water, soda water, or a splash of lime juice. 

What Are Some Popular Drinks You Can Make With Premium Anejo Tequila? 

The best rule to stick by when it comes to añejo cocktails is certainly, “keep it simple.” When you’re working with such a compelling spirit, there’s no need to overcomplicate your tipple. 

Añejo Tequila Soda

Cut the intensity of a serving of añejo by mixing it into a highball glass with soda water and ice. The bubbles will add another dimension to that rich añejo flavor. 

Anejo Tequila and Water

Dilute your añejo (and make it last longer) by serving it with a bit of water, either neat or on the rocks. 

Anejo Tequila Margarita

Any kind of tequila can (and should) be used to make the classic lime margarita cocktail. Streamline it by eliminating the orange liqueur—añejo, lime, and salt are a mix made in heaven. 

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