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  • What Is Premium Blanco Tequila?
        • Also called silver tequila (or “the essence of tequila” by some distillers), blanco tequila is the purest, lightest form of this agave-based spirit. Rather than aging the spirit like in Reposado and Añejo tequila, which significantly changes the flavor, distillers will bottle this immediately, thereby maintaining its agave flavor and perfectly preparing it to be the start of your refreshing, fruit-forward cocktails. 

  • Where Does Premium Blanco Tequila Come From?
        • Blanco tequila, like all tequila, is made exclusively in Jalisco, Mexico (or one of the select few municipalities outside of this state). Tequila must be made from the native blue agave plant grown and harvested in these few Mexican locations—otherwise, it can’t be called tequila.

  • How Is Premium Blanco Tequila Made?
        • All tequila starts out with Blue Weber Agave, a plant that can only be harvested by specialized farmers called jimadors. The agave must be harvested, baked, and shredded to collect the base of tequila’s fermentation mash—mosto. After fermentation, tequila is twice distilled. Blanco tequila is bottled immediately following distillation.

  • How Many Calories Are In Premium Blanco Tequila? 
        • A 1.5-ounce serving of blanco tequila contains around 100 calories.

  • What Are The Flavor Notes of Blanco Tequila? 
        • Blanco tequila is agave flavor forward, which means that it can carry notes of vanilla, citrus, and spice. 

  • How Is Blanco Tequila Different From Other Tequilas? 
        • Blanco tequila is bottled directly after the distillation process and is never aged in oak. This brings about a few differences in form and function.
          • A lighter, fruit-forward taste
            • Other types of tequila take on strong flavors from the oak barrels they’re aged in—not the case with pure blanco tequila.
          • A clear, “silver” color
            • Blanco tequila is called silver tequila for its crystal-clear color.
          • A cocktail-ready concoction
            • While it can certainly be enjoyed on its own, blanco tequila is chiefly used for mixing cocktails.

  • What Are The Top Premium Premium Blanco Tequila Brands? 
  • What Mixes Well With Premium Blanco Tequila? 
        • Blanco tequila is the perfect spirit to enjoy with a huge variety of mixers—basically, any kind of soda, juice, or tonic will work. It’s a bar shelf multitool!

  • What Are Some Popular Drinks You Can Make With Premium Premium Blanco Tequila? 
        • The list of incredible cocktails you can create with blanco tequila is truly never ending. We listed a few below to get you started.
        • Margarita
          • The all time classic—there’s nothing better than tequila, lime, and salt.
        • Paloma
          • Up your citrus intake by going for a grapefruit paloma.
        • Tequila Sour
          • Citrus is tequila’s best friend—try a tequila sour with lemon, lime, simple syrup, a dash of bitters, and a classy froth of egg white.
        • Tequila Sunrise
          • As beautiful as it is delicious, the tequila sunrise is a gradient of tequila, orange juice, and grenadine. 

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