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Notes of black cherry and cedar combine in one of planet Earth’s most popular wines—Cabernet Sauvignon. When you buy Cabernet Sauvignon online at Barbank, you gain instant access to beloved brands like Caymus, Justin, and Sterling Vineyards. Browse our selection of premium Cabernet Sauvignon to find your new favorite bottle.

What Is Cabernet Sauvignon Wine?

Cabernet Sauvignon is a type of red wine known for its bold, full-bodied tasting notes and rich, decadent mouthfeel. Though it originated in France’s Bordeaux region, it’s now made like those found in and consumed by wine lovers worldwide, especially in sunny climates like Napa Valley and South America.

What Grapes Is Cabernet Sauvignon Made From?

Cabernet Sauvignon wine is named after the variety of red grapes it's made from. According to written records, the Cabernet Sauvignon grape was first grown and fermented in Bordeaux, France in the 1600s, and the Bordeaux blend quickly took the wine-making world by storm. 

How Is Cabernet Sauvignon Wine Made?

Whether they’re weeknight staples or special occasion bottles, Cabernet Sauvignon wines are all made according to the same basic steps. First, the vintners crush the Cabernet Sauvignon grape (with skins, seeds, and even stems still attached). Then they add yeast and ferment the mixture for a period of weeks. Finally, the wine is aged in oak barrels, bottled, and enjoyed.  

How Many Calories Are In Cabernet Sauvignon Wine? 

Like Pinot Noir wine and Merlot wine, Cabernet Sauvignon averages around 125 calories per serving. This measurement can and will vary depending on the individual maker and bottle. 

How Much Sugar Is In Cabernet Sauvignon Wine? 

Most Cabernet Sauvignon wines will contain around 1 gram of sugar per serving. If you have dietary requirements regarding sugar, make sure to read the label—the amount will vary from bottle to bottle—and seek out “dry” or “bone-dry” bottles, which will contain less residual sugars.  

What Are The Flavor Notes of Cabernet Sauvignon Wine? 

Rare Cabernet Sauvignon tends to be tannic, woodsy, and bold—it’s known as one of the more intense, full-bodied red wines. Many Cab Sauvs include a dark fruit flavorlike black cherry and black currant. 

How Is Cabernet Sauvignon Wine From Other Red Wines? 

Most of the differences between Cabernet Sauvignon and other red wines can be ascribed to its core ingredients and fermentation process. 

The skins, seeds, and stems of Cabernet Sauvignon grapes contain tannin, a pervasive flavor in the final wine.

Cabernet Sauvignon is always aged in oak barrels, contributing to its characteristic woodsy taste. 

While other reds, like Pinot Noir and some red blend wines, may tend towards a lighter finish, Cabernet Sauvignon is full-bodied and rich. 

What Pairs Well With Cabernet Sauvignon Wine? 

Bold Cabernets are best paired with flavors that can match their mettle—that means rich cheeses, steak, lamb, pasta, and dark chocolate. 

What Are The Top Cabernet Sauvignon Wine Brands? 

Barbank carries all the top Cabernet Sauvignon brands. Explore our comprehensive online selection including bottles from Cakebread Cellars, Caymus, Freemark Abbey, Rutherford Hill, Edna Valley, Hess Collection, and more. 

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