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The Best Rosé Wine From Barbank

Looking for a satisfying, delicious sip? Think pink! Barbank is the perfect place to shop for rosé online. 

What Is Rosé?

Rosé is the perfect marriage of white wine and red wine. Created using a variety of techniques, rosés are pink in color and combine the refreshing qualities of the best white wine, with the flavors typically found in reds. 

What Grapes Is Rosé Made From?

Rosé wines are typically made from red grapes, either blended together or as a single grape varietal. Grenache, Syrah, Zinfandel, Pinot Noir, and Cabernet Franc are all common grapes used by rosé brands. You can also find green grapes on the ingredient list for certain rosé wines, the same kinds used in the best Chardonnay, best Pinot Grigio, and the best Sauvignon Blanc

How Is Rosé Made?

There are three widespread methods for making rosé—direct pressing, blending, and saignée. Saignée involves pressing the red grapes with skins on, then separating a portion of the juice from the skins during fermentation to finish processing. Direct-pressed grapes are pressed with skins on, but fermented alone. Finally, blending involves mixing finished red and white wines, allowing for subtle flavor profile manipulation. 

How Many Calories Are In Rosé? 

Rosé typically contains around 130 calories per serving. 

How Much Sugar Is In Rosé? 

While most rosé wines clock in at around 3 grams of sugar per serving, some sweeter options can contain up to double the amount.

What Are The Flavor Notes Of Rosé? 

Rosé wine brands relish creating unique flavor concoctions for their customers to enjoy. There’s no single flavor profile for rosé, but these wines tend to showcase light fruits and floral notes.

How Is Rosé Different From Other Wines? 

Rosé is a wonderfully unique entry in the encyclopedia of wines. 

Built differentThere are countless methods that can go into the production of rosé.

Totally diverseOften comprised of red and white grapes, rosé makes for a creative, unique sip.

Eye-catchingThere’s no denying that rosé is gorgeous in a glass—pink is just plain fun.

What Pairs Well With Rosé? 

Rosé shines in warm weather alongside pretty much anything you might eat at a picnic—fresh fruit, creamy, mild cheeses, and even fried chicken. It’s also a fantastic companion for spicy, bright dishes, like curries.

What Are The Top Rosé Brands? 

Find all the best rosé wine brands online at Barbank—Hampton Water, Meiomi, Prophecy, Sofia, Dark Horse, Edna Valley, and more. 

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