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Red Zinfandel From Barbank

Satisfy cravings for something bold and bright—red Zinfandel wine from Barbank fits the bill perfectly. With a characteristic blend of red fruit, spice, and smoky oak flavors, a sip of premium, robust Zinfandel will instantly transport your senses to a windswept Mediterranean patio. It’s like a vacation in a bottle. 

What Is Red Zinfandel?

Red Zinfandel is a wine rich with history and flavor. Sweet, black-skinned Zinfandel wine grapes have been around for thousands of years, even before the advent of winemaking. Though they share a tendency toward complexity, Zinfandel wines are produced around the world and boast a great variance of flavor, aroma and style. 

What Grapes Is Zinfandel Made From?

Since Zinfandel wine grapes have been around for a very long time, there’s debate about their origin. DNA indicates that the variety may have first taken root in Croatia, and there’s plenty of evidence linking it to Italian “Primitivo” grapes as well. 

How Is Red Zinfandel Made?

Red Zinfandel is made using the same process as other red wine varieties. The grapes are cultivated, harvested, and crushed (with their skins still on) to release juice. Vintners add yeast and the fermentation process lasts for a period of weeks before aging it (usually in oak barrels), bottling it, and shipping it for sale.

How Many Calories Are In Red Zinfandel? 

The average glass of this red wine, whether it's a rare Zinfandel or a nightly staple, sits at approximately 125 calories.

How Much Sugar Is In Red Zinfandel? 

Though each individual batch of wine will vary slightly, you can expect to consume around 1 gram of sugar per serving of red Zinfandel. Given the relative sweetness of the Zinfandel grape, you might expect to find slightly higher levels of residual sugars than you would in lighter red wine varieties. .

What Are The Flavor Notes of Zinfandel? 

Red Zinfandel is a jammy, peppery, spicy delight with a touch of smoke and sugar. A wine enthusiast will adore the complex, nuanced flavors found in premium Zinfandel.

How Is Zinfandel Different From Other Red Wines? 

Zinfandel boasts a few considerable distinctions from other red wines. 

The Zinfandel grape is the oldest red wine variety and has been cultivated in countless corners of the world, lending it a huge potential variety of flavors. 

As opposed to an easygoing Merlot wine or a delicate Pinot Noir wine, red Zinfandel wine is bold, spicy, and complex. 

Despite its lighter color, Zinfandel tends to contain a higher alcohol content than other reds.

What Pairs Well With Red Zinfandel? 

Sweet, bold, and rich, red Zin pairs perfectly with spicy foods. Try it with barbeque, curry, manchego cheese, and caramelized veggies. 

What Are The Top Premium Red Zinfandel Brands? 

Buy Zinfandel online at Barbank and take your pick from a selection of beloved brands—Bogle, Josh, The Federalist, Four Virtues, and more. 

Why Buy Red Zinfandel Online?

Whether you’re in the market for a bold red Zin, versatile red blend wines, or full-bodied Cabernet Sauvignon wines, buy red wine online at Barbank to access a barrelful of benefits. 

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