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Delicate and delicious, Pinot Noir wine is treasured by wine lovers worldwide. Our digital shelves are stocked with the very best brands, from Edna Valley to Meiomi, so you can stock up on all your favorites. There’s simply no better way to buy Pinot Noir online. 

What Is Pinot Noir Wine?

Pinot Noir is a type of red wine made from Pinot Noir grapes. Unlike its richer counterparts, such as Merlot wine, Red Zinfandel, and Cabernet Sauvignon wine, Pinot Noir is characterized as one of the lightest-bodied red wines and is often served with poultry, vegetables, seafood, and fruit. If you’re a fan of fruit flavors balanced with a bit of earth, Pinot Noir may be the red wine for you. 

What Grapes Is Pinot Noir Made From?

The Pinot Noir grape originated in Burgundy, France. With thin, low-tannin skin and tightly packed clusters that thrive in cooler climates, this Pinot Noir grape is highly sensitive and notoriously challenging to cultivate. Since they are difficult to grow and boast a light, refined flavor profile, Pinot Noir wines tend to cost a bit more than their heartier counterparts.  

How Is Pinot Noir  Made?

Setting aside individualized techniques from different vintners, Pinot Noir is made using the same process as other red wines. The grapes are cultivated, harvested, then crushed—skins, seeds, and stems included. Fermentation starts with the addition of yeast and typically takes a few weeks. Pinot Noirs are aged in oak or stainless steel, bottled in glass, and shipped to wine lovers around the world. 

How Many Calories Are In Pinot Noir? 

Like other red varietals and red blend wines, Pinot Noir contains an average of 125 calories per serving. 

How Much Sugar Is In Pinot Noir? 

Most Pinot Noir wines contain one gram of sugar per serving, but the amount can vary depending on the individual vintner’s production practices and fermentation process. 

What Are The Flavor Notes of Pinot Noir Wine? 

Pinot Noir is known for its subtle, delicate flavor profile. Most bottles boast fresh notes of red fruit including raspberry and cherry, along with earthier umami flavors that evoke a lush forest floor. 

How Is Pinot Noir Wine From Other Red Wines? 

Celebrated for its light to medium body and clean, red fruit-forward aroma, this wine gains its defining traits from its grapes and unique aging processes.

Pinot Noir grapes have thin, delicate skins that are low in tannin. Because of their low-tannic status, the grapes lend the wine a lighter overall color and flavor. 

Pinot Noir can be aged in oak barrels (a common trait amongst red wines such as Cabernet Sauvignon), but it’s also commonly aged in stainless steel in an effort to preserve its refined, subtle taste. 

What Pairs Well With Pinot Noir  Wine? 

An elegant bottle of Pinot Noir pairs well with poultry, veggies, fish, easygoing cheeses, and light, citrus-forward pasta. For a dessert course, consider pouring Pinot Noir with fruit-based options like tarts and fruit salads. 

What Are The Top Premium Pinot Noir Brands? 

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