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Extra Anejo Tequila From Barbank

Indulge in the very best extra añejo tequila the internet has to offer—Barbank’s selection of ultra-aged tequila is stocked with beloved brands like Don Julio, El Cristiano, Clase Azul, and Corazon

What Is Extra Anejo Tequila?

Extra añejo tequila is tequila that’s aged for a minimum of three years in oak barrels. The aging process imbues the sipping tequila with complex flavors and a smooth, luxurious texture, perfect for sipping neat. 

Where Does Cristalino Come From?

Like all the best tequila, extra añejo tequila is made exclusively in Mexico, primarily in the Jalisco region. 

How Is Extra Anejo Tequila Made?

Though its road to the finish line stretches a lot further, extra añejo tequila starts out the same way as all other kinds of tequila—with the Weber Blue Agave plant. Jimadors cultivate, harvest, and ferment the heart of the sweet Agave. The resulting, unaged liquor is known as banco tequila. To gain the “extra añejo” distinction, the sipping tequila must be aged in oak barrels for at least three years.

How Many Calories Are In Extra Anejo Tequila? 

The average serving of extra añejo tequila contains around 100 calories, though the exact amount varies from brand to brand. 

What Are The Flavor Notes Of Extra Anejo? 

Extra añejo tequila takes on tasting notes from the oak barrels it’s aged in—warm vanilla, indulgent caramel, woodsmoke, spices, and even coconut. 

How Is Extra Anejo Tequila Different From Other Tequilas? 

The key differences between extra añejo and other types of tequilas lie within the aging tequila process.


Extra añejo tequila must be aged in oak barrels for a period of at least three years. 

Meant For Sipping

Due to its complexity of flavor, extra añejo is perfectly suited to sipping.  

Rare And Top-Shelf

Since extra añejo tequila takes at least three years to create, it’s rarer than other types of tequilas (and comes with a premium price tag to match).  

What Are The Top Premium Extra Anejo Tequila Brands? 

Barbank’s virtual shelves are stocked with the best premium extra añejo tequila brands, like Cazadores, Clase Azul, Cava de Oro, Jose Cuervo, and El Cristiano

What Mixes Well With Extra Anejo? 

Extra añejo tequila is typically enjoyed neat—if you’d prefer to mix your aged tequila, we recommend a subtle mixer like water, soda water, or a simple splash of citrus juice to preserve the extra anejo’s unique flavor. 

What Are Some Popular Drinks You Can Make With Extra Anejo Tequila? 

An excellent tipple all on its own, extra añejo makes an undeniably luxurious addition to your favorite cocktails.

Tequila Sunrise
Ranch Water

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