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Rare Alcohol

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Find Exclusive Liquor For Any Occasion

Whether you’re picking out the perfect gift for an upcoming celebration or simply stocking your home bar, Barbank ’s the best place to find rare liquor online. We’re proud to offer our customers a wide selection of exclusive alcoholic beverages and spirits, from Johnnie Walker Blue whiskey to premium tequila from Clase Azul . No need to visit a liquor store, send in your order, then sit back and relax—your delivery of rare liquor will arrive in no time.

What Is Rare Liquor? 

Each of our exclusive liquors carries unique flavors and tells a distinctive story.


Whether it’s single malt scotch whiskey that turns to gold in charred oak barrels or a high-grade tequila aged to perfection in a Spanish sherry barrel, Barbank’s rare liquors grow more distinguished by the day.

Hard to find

We’ve stocked our shelves with premium, small batch, rare liquor bottles of the finest cognac, tequila and rare spirits—those storied sips and once-in-a-blue-moon finds so rarely available at traditional stores.

Crafted by experts

The brands available in our rare alcohol section are the finest made today, crafted by passionate expert distillers from around the world.

Beautifully packaged

Rare liquor bottles are dressed to impress. Whether they arrive in premium wood boxes or collectible porcelain bottles, premium liquor from Barbank will bring some eye candy to your liquor cabinet. 

Should You Drink Rare Liquor By Itself? 

How you enjoy your favorite liquor is completely up to you. That being said, rare liquor is typically prized for its complex, subtle, and delicious flavor. It’s crafted to be enjoyed all on its own (occasionally on the rocks). 

What mixes well with premium spirits? 

The best mixers for rare liquor are more about adding the essential elements in  texture and dilution rather than flavor. This is because you’re paying to enjoy the taste of the liquor itself—those subtle notes and characteristic aromas that make the spirit so renowned. Check out this list of recommended mixers for premium liquor below to find the perfect companion for your coveted bottle.

Still water

Soda water

Tonic water


Citrus juices

What Are Some Popular Drinks You Can Make With Premium Spirits? 

Premium liquor is perfect for serious stirred cocktails, the classic tipples celebrating the complex, subtle taste of the spirits.


One part dry vermouth, six parts premium vodka or gin, and an olive or a twist. Clean, refreshing, and heady, there’s no better way to begin the evening.

Liquor and Soda Water

Vodka, gin, or scotch—cut your favorite liquor with something bubbly, enhancing the spirit’s natural flavors. 

Liquor and Water

This is the ideal choice for people who adore premium alcohol but would rather not “feel the burn.” By diluting your spirit of choice with an ounce of water, you can open up the flavors and enjoy an exquisitely smooth finish.

Old Fashioned

If the phrase “an oldie but a goodie” were a cocktail, this would be it: sugar, bitters, premium bourbon, stirred to just-sweet-enough perfection.

Why Would You Want To Purchase Exclusive Liquor?

The Experience

Premium liquor is just plain delicious. It’s easy to tell the difference between expertly sourced, fermented, distilled, and aged rare liquor and garden variety spirits. Taste it yourself—Barbank makes it easy.

The Value

If you’re a collector of fine wines and spirits, you already understand the value of that sought-after rare bottle. Whether you’re gifting it to someone special, uncorking it with a potential business partner, or just enjoying it as one of life’s greatest pleasures, premium liquor offers returns that go beyond dollar amounts. 

The Bragging Rights

Rare liquor is a sure way to make a lasting impression at your next occasion or special event (and to earn the title of “life of the party”).

Is Exclusive Liquor Only Available For A Limited Time? 

Rare liquor is rare for a reason—smaller batches and higher demand mean that these bottles fly off the shelf. Once they’re gone, typically, they’re gone for good. So, when you see that once-in-a-lifetime liquor, be sure to secure it while you can.

How To Order Exclusive Liquor Online With Barbank

Fill your cart

Browse our huge selection of fine liquors and wines, and fill your cart with whatever catches your eye. Don’t worry about the weight—Barbank’s shipping is a flat $15, guaranteed, so go ahead and get that extra bottle, too.

Check out

Enter your payment and shipping information, and send in your order. It’s as easy as that!

Sit back, relax, and sign

Kick up your feet, and track your order as it travels to you. All that’s left to do is sign for it when it arrives, break out your finest glassware, and get to celebrating.