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Buy gin online with Barbank, and fill your life with flavor. We carry a variety of premium gin brands, from Hendricks to Tanqueray. We also have an assortment of rare gins that are difficult to find in stores, like Suntory Roku’s Premium Craft Japanese Gin. Peruse our selection of gin and order some delicious spirits for yourself or a fellow gin lover, in just a few clicks.

What Is Premium Gin?

Gin is a clear, sometimes lightly golden, spirit made from fermented grain and infused with botanicals during the distillation process. Juniper berries are the central defining ingredient of the spirit and essential to this herbal infusion process. They lend gin its characteristic piney flavor and are balanced with a unique blend of other botanicals that differ from brand to brand—you’ll just have to sample a variety to find the perfect gin for you.

Where Does Gin Come From?

Invented by a chemist in Holland in the 1500s, gin was wildly popular all over Europe but gained its strongest foothold in England, helped along by local production according to King William III’s liquor imports ban. English and Dutch gins are still the industry standard, though nowadays gin is made and enjoyed in alcoholic beverages all over the world.

How Is Premium Gin Made?

Much like vodka and whiskey, to make the alcohol, gin starts out with fermented grains. The distillation process is what sets gin apart from its fellow spirits. Gin is infused with juniper berries and other botanicals right in the still, lending the spirit a complex, well-rounded, and deeply herbaceous flavor and aroma.

What Are The Different Types of Premium Gin? 

Gin’s signature flavor is created in one of three ways:

It’s distilled 

Classic gin is distilled once, and simultaneously infused with juniper berries and other botanical ingredients like coriander.

It’s redistilled

As the name suggests, redistilled gin is distilled not once but twice, with the same blend of juniper berries and botanicals.

It’s compounded

Compound gin breaks the mold. It achieves its flavor from a mix of pure distilled, fermented grains, and botanical extracts added after the fact.

What Are The Top Premium Gin Brands? 

At Barbank, we’re proud to carry a variety of premium gin brands, including Bombay Sapphire, Gray Whale, Hendricks, Monkey 47, New Amsterdam, and Tanqueray.

What Mixes Well With Gin? 

Chances are you’ve heard of this iconic pairing: gin and tonic. But don’t feel confined by a classic—there are plenty of other options to choose from. Vermouth, ginger beer, tonic water, ginger ale, lime or lemon and other citrus juices, cranberry juice, and even prosecco are all great mixers for gin.

What Are Some Popular Drinks You Can Make With Premium Gin? 

Sip your gin neat to savor the subtle floral and herbal flavors, or make one of these cocktails to enhance them. 

Gin gimlet – A little bit of sweetness (especially if you use an Old Tom gin), a little bit of citrus, and a healthy serving of gin combine to create the iconic gimlet.

Gin fizz – Made with lime juice, syrup, soda water, and egg white foam, this gin cocktail is sure to impress.

Greyhound – To add some extra pizzazz to your greyhound—also known as a gin and grapefruit for its two ingredients—try giving it a salt rim (and calling it a salty dog).

Negroni – Visually stunning and deliciously complex, a negroni is made with equal parts gin, Campari, and sweet red vermouth.

Tom Collins - London dry gin, freshly squeezed lemon juice, simple syrup, and club soda combine to make this classic gin cocktail.

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