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What Are White Blend Wines?

White blend wines are crafted from multiple different types of green grapes. Unique and inventive, white blend wines are a vintner’s delight, allowing winemakers to combine sought-after qualities from individual varietals.  

Where Grapes Are White Wine Blends Made From?

In a white blend, you’re likely to find some of the best-known grapes (like those found in the best Pinot Grigio, best Chardonnay, and best Sauvignon Blanc), along with more unusual varieties too.

How Are White Blend Wines Made?

Vintners cultivate, harvest, and ferment the white grape varietals that make up their blends, carefully aging and mixing them to achieve optimal flavor and expression. 

How Many Calories Are In White Blend Wines? 

Since white blends have vastly different origins, they can contain anywhere between 100–150 calories per five-ounce glass.

How Much Sugar Is In White Blend Wines? 

Most white blend wines contain just a few grams of sugar per serving. However, some dessert wines may have higher sugar levels—when in doubt (and watching sugar intake), it’s best to seek out a dry blend. 

What Are The Flavor Notes Of White Blend Wines? 

Fruit, citrus, floral tasting notes, and bright acidity are all common flavors found in white wine blends, but they can be balanced with mineral, woodsy, buttery, rich, and even umami flavors. We recommend trying a few different styles of white blends to find your favorite taste profile. 

How Are White Blend Wines Different From Other White Wines? 

White blend wines exist in a class of their own. 

They’re made with multiple grape types.

Blended wines open up an exciting world of creativity. 

They don’t have a list of requisite rules.

Blending is the free jazz of the winemaking world.

They allow vintners to innovate. 

Tasting blends from different wineries will give you a clear picture of the vintner’s unique style. 

What Pairs Well With White Blend Wines? 

Since white blends come in various styles, it’s a versatile category to pair with food. Match crisper, lighter white blends with fresh, lighter foods (such as salads, seafood dishes, and veggies). Oakier, fuller-bodied white blends are a delicious balance to slightly richer options, like creamy sauces, cheeses, and white meats. 

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