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The dream of creating a family owned tequila, Octavio Tequila, began when a father and son travelled to a small fishing town called Los Barriles on the Sea of Cortez in Baja California, Mexico. The town is a place with prime weather and a perfect combination of having family owned infrastructure while still being remote and still. Los Barriles offers a small town atmosphere with a large sense of community with beautiful strolls down the pristine beaches, fantastic fishing, and ATV riding. While relaxing at an isolated palapa bar on the beach, restricted to only those that arrive on ATVs, bikes, or foot, the idea of Octavio Tequila arose. While sitting at that tiny palapa bar, sipping tequila, conversing with a local elderly gentleman tending the bar— in the little Spanish they both knew — the thought of creating a tequila company, which seemed intangible then, began to spur. The gentle, pure, giving nature of that bartender is what they remembered most. The bartenders name, you might ask? Octavio.