Slow & Low

We all know how popular whiskey was back in the day. Most saloons sold it, but it wasn’t aged. It probably wasn’t smooth. So bartenders started cutting it with rock candy syrup. They called it rock & rye. It was God. Damn. Genius. They started selling this stuff at pharmacies in the 1800s. It was a cordial hailed as a cure all — for bad days, good days… you get the idea. The Hochstadter’s brand and recipe was the most prized during the heyday of rock & rye. And in 2010, 3rd generation distiller and creator of St. Germain, Rob Cooper reintroduced Hochstadter’s age old recipe with a new twist. And now this whiskey is union made. Bottled by the hardworking members of the local 1. They don’t cut corners — no shortcuts — only using the best ingredients to make one hell of a bottles and canned old-fashioned!