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Grey Goose is made from 100% French wheat, which is distilled in a five-step process using a proprietary method that ensures the highest quality and purity of the final product. The wheat is fermented and then distilled in a traditional copper still, which helps to create a smooth, clean flavor.

After distillation, Grey Goose vodka is blended with natural spring water from the Cognac region of France, which gives it a crisp, fresh taste. The vodka is then filtered through a process that uses fine mesh filters to remove any impurities and to further refine the flavor.

Grey Goose vodka is available in several different varieties, including the original unflavored vodka, as well as flavored vodkas such as pear, cherry, and orange. The original vodka has a clean, crisp flavor with a subtle hint of sweetness, while the flavored vodkas are infused with natural fruit essences to create a unique and refreshing taste.

Overall, Grey Goose vodka is known for its high quality, smooth flavor, and luxurious branding. It has won numerous awards and is a popular choice among vodka drinkers who appreciate a premium, top-shelf vodka.