Eden Mill St Andrews

Scottish Craft Gin & Whisky

About Eden Mill

Eden Mill was established on the banks of the Eden Estuary in St Andrews and became the first distillery to make spirits in the area in over 150 years. With a portfolio of award-winning premium gins, we take pride in sourcing our botanicals locally where we can and select ones that showcase the flavors and natural ingredients of our corner of Scotland. Located on the University of St Andrews Eden Campus, we are putting sustainability first and working closely with the University to seek solutions to carbon neutrality. The distillery delivers a stunning visitor experience and aims to be one of Scotland’s top tourist attractions.

Early Distilling Tradition

In 1655 Robert Haig of Throsk, an early-days whisky distiller was summoned before the kirk session for the crime of distilling on the Sabbath. That was just the beginning of the long distilling tradition linked to this corner of Scotland.

Seggie Whisky Distillery

By the mid-1800s, the same site on the Estuary was home to the Seggie Whisky Distillery which ceased production not long after and became a paper mill instead, bringing bustling trade to the area.

Revival by Eden Mill

Over 150 years on, Eden Mill revived the heritage of whisky distilling on the edge of the Eden Estuary and opened Scotland's first single-site brewery, whisky, and gin distillery. The old paper mill still stands today, and our name is a nod to times gone by.

Eden Mill Whisky

Eden Mill Whisky, crafted in this scenic Lowland region, already boasts an impressive range of small releases dating back to 2018 and our first bottling. The distillery's unique position yields a gentle, light character, accentuating notes of citrus, honey, and delicate spices. Eden Mill continually captivates whisky connoisseurs with remarkable offerings that honor tradition while pushing boundaries and reflecting the Spirit of St Andrews in every drop.